Terms & Conditions

The website of Baby Tru Consignee is for commercial purposes as well as for offering information to its customers. We believe that you will have an amazing experience while you use it. You are free to browse through the whole website and access all its parts, however, while using the features of it you should be aware that the usage of this website is governed by a set of rules mentioned in this document, namely terms and conditions.

If you have agreed to these terms and conditions, then you are welcome to enjoy and browse this website. On the other hand, if you do not agree to these rules, then we advise you to immediately stop using our website.

Ownership Of Intellectual Property

Baby Tru Consignee owns the intellectual property rights of the website. Moreover, we also own the rights of each and every piece of information that is available on this website which includes images, content, etc. The usage of this information without our consent or acknowledgment would be considered an illegal act and dealt with as per the infringement law.

Credibility Of Your Credentials

It is advised to you that you pay full attention while you create your account, and customers are requested to ensure that they provide authentic and accurate credentials while they are registering. In case there is a change in your credentials or information, you should update it as soon as possible. This will make sure that your information is credible and authentic.

Orders And Payments

Once you provide all the details and place the order, it would imply that you have agreed to the final price shown while you are checking out. Multiple payment options are available but you have to follow the rules, regulations, and standards of each of these payment mediums.

Cookies Policy

Baby Tru Consignee uses cookies to understand the preferences of its users using the website which helps us deliver a better and more personalized experience to them. To ensure that things are transparent, flexible, and convenient for you, we never force cookies on our users.

When you will visit our website for the first time, your permission would be acquired. At this point, you have the option to either accept or reject the cookies as per your preferences. You can also block them by changing your browser’s settings.